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This morning I had breakfast at a common haunt, Purple Perk.  This cafe is a popular, very casual dining spot on 4th Street.  It is convenient to where I live and as such a common place for me to have coffee and sometimes grab breakfast.

At 08:30 it is not yet busy (like the rest of Calgary), but over half the tables are full.  The staff are pleasant, although you do collect your own coffee and counter-food with only meals prepared in the kitchen bought out to your table, and you’re expected to bus your own table at the end.  For some reason, when it is snowing outside Christmas Carols aren’t nearly so annoying.  In this case they were playing very bluesy carols which make them even less intrusive, so I’m happy to not be a total grinch about these things.

Purple Perk breakfast sandwich

This morning I had my usual medium latte and as usual it was decent.  Along with coffee I had the breakfast sandwich (BFS).  The BFS is bacon, fried egg, cheese, lettuce and tomato within two slices of thick whole grain toast.  Accompanying the BFS is a large pile of hash browns.  The BFS was its usual self, although as expected for December the lettuce is not the greatest quality, it is tasty and filling.  The skin of the hash browns are actually a little crunchy, which I like as too often they’re soft filler of diced potato.

All in all a typical visit to Purple Perk, nothing spectacular but quick and convenient good food.  Cost for breakfast, tip and tax was about $16.