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Last Thursday TC and I were on the lookout for some dinner. Walking along 4th Street we decided to try Bistro 2210, a place where we have had excellent breakfasts in the past. We were able to walk in and get a table without a reservation, the restaurant was maybe half full.

The wine list here is stocked with an excellent selection of french wine. I decided that a 2000 Domaine Marquis d’Angerville Champans, Volnay Premier Cru would go down nicely with supper. This of course is a red Burgundy and as such a Pinot Noir. The wine had a good berry fruit taste with a slight mineral aftertaste, very pleasant indeed.

D'Angerville CorkAppetizers were in order, TC went with the crab croquettes and I decided to try the soup du jour, which was carrot. The crab croquettes were great and bode very well for the rest of the evening. The soup was tasty and refreshing, but it didn’t distinguish itself in the same way the crab did.

The special for the day, and according to the menu every Thursday was duck. If ever there was dish that a french restaurant should get right, it is duck. TC being a fan of duck decided to test it out, and was expecting a duck breast (although to be fair it was never stated). In this case it was a duck leg with a potato and herb croquette and some carrots. Not being a carrot eater he left those alone and ate the leg and croquette. He was unfortunately very disappointed by both, the duck was bland and the croquette appeared to be prepared, frozen and then thawed and cooked for his meal.

I decided to go with the white veal sausages (boudin blanc) and mashed potato. The sausages matched the potato in that they were both very bland.

Dessert was either a traditional crème brûlée or chocolate cake. We both went for the crème brûlée and were disturbed that it made it to our table in less than 2 minutes. They were served in traditional ramekin with a chocolate coated biscuit stick embedded vertically poking out from the hard caramel layer at the top. The vanilla custard was indifferent and I think this is the first time I haven’t finished a crème brûlée.

Overall the cost including tip was just about $240, although it should be noted that $120 of this was the bottle of wine. I would not come back for dinner, however for brunch on the other hand I will definitely go back.