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Last Saturday, after a leisurely walk from The Mission to Kensington whilst avoiding the opening of the Peace Bridge, TC and I ended up looking for something to eat. Having wanted to try the place several times we went upstairs to the Kensington Brasserie.

The restaurant/pub/cafe was strange, because it didn’t quite fit any of the aforementioned descriptions. I think it was going for pub, but with the large modern glass windows overlooking the street it never quite felt that way for me. Although the Flames/Stars ice hockey game on the big screen behind the bar did help with the pub feel. The beer list was impressive with a wide range of imports from Europe and a few locals. The menu looked pretty good, with a wide selection of pub style food.

To drink I had a Duvel Belgian beer and TC had Magner’s cider. TC requested a glass of ice, to enjoy Magners in the traditional Irish manner, but the waiter decided instead to provide a glass of ice on the side and pour the cider into a glass without ice. The Duvel was poured into a traditional glass with the Duvel logo on the side.

The lamb burger was calling my name and TC, with a steak in the fridge for dinner, went with the cod sandwich. Both were served with french fries. The lamb was ground lamb made into a buger patty and then served with a mint pesto, lettuce and tomato on a bun. The lamb was not bad, nothing to write home about (New Zealanders knows their lamb!) but they cooked it about right. The condiments and salad were very tasty. The fries were shoestring and I felt were perhaps the end of the bag because they all seemed quite small. TC was unimpressed when the cod sandwich arrived and the cod turned out to be three fish fingers. The sandwich, with a different sauce, followed the lamb burger with very tasty lettuce and tomato.

The food here was alright and I would not object to eating here again. That said I will stay away from the cod sandwich as it was somewhat underwhelming. The overall cost including tax and tip was just over $60.