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Last Friday night TC asked about breakfast for the morning, so we decided to meet up at my place about 8:30am. As usual he turned up a little early, so we went for a walk around the Mission and Beltline neighbourhoods. The Coup on 17th Avenue SW opens at 9am on Saturday and Sunday, so we thought we’d give it a go. I haven’t been to The Coup since FB was in Calgary back in January of 2011 when we went for lunch.

Along with another group we were waiting at the door for the cafe to open, and it duly did so on time. The waitress was bright and friendly, and in keeping with the vegetarian theme of the place checking that things like dairy would be acceptable.

The smoothie of the day was an interesting mix, the three B’s (3B) of banana, blueberry and basil. As TC is trying not to drink coffee at the moment the smoothie was selected, while I went for a latte. I did have to ask for sugar, but the coffee was good and they’d just opened so I won’t hold that against them. The 3B was apparently pretty good and the basil gave a nice subtle after taste that made the whole experience very enjoyable for TC.

We both went for the grilled treehouse sandwich, me with avocado and a side of ketchup and TC trying the homemade roasted jalapeno hot sauce. The sandwich itself is an open sandwich with omlette style egg, lettuce, tomato and onion on a sunflower-rye bread with a pesto aioli spread. Accompanying the sandwich was nicely cooked potato hash browns.

Both of us enjoyed the breakfast with total cost including tax and tip of about $55. I can highly recommend this cafe for breakfast or lunch, even if you aren’t a vegetarian.